Installation instruction


OpenPIV would not have been possible if other great open source projects did not exist. We make extensive use of code and tools that other people have created, so you should install them before you can use OpenPIV.

The dependencies are:

On all platforms, the following Python distribution is recommended:


Use conda

conda install -c alexlib openpiv

Or use pip

pip install openpiv

Get OpenPIV source code!

At this moment the only way to get OpenPIV’s source code is using git. Git Git is a distributed revision control system and our code is hosted at GitHub.

Bleeding edge development version

If you are interested in the source code you are welcome to browse out git repository stored at If you want to download the source code on your machine, for testing, you need to set up git on your computer. Please look at which provide extensive help for how to set up git.

To follow the development of OpenPIV, clone our repository with the command:

git clone

and update from time to time. You can also download a tarball containing everything.

Then add the path where the OpenPIV source are to the PYTHONPATH environment variable, so that OpenPIV module can be imported and used in your programs. Remeber to build the extension with

python build_ext --inplace

Experience problems?

If you encountered some issues, found difficult to install OpenPIV following these instructions please register and write on our Google groups forum , so that we can help you and improve this page!